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Outdoor Digital Billboard

The Business Finder Outdoor digital billboard is located at the Bank and Vine Street Intersection in Whangarei. This is a major intersection in Whangarei with 28,345 cars (WDC 1/7/2017) passing through every day – making this one of Northland’s highest traffic zones. This represents major brand and message exposure to your local market. Combined with our other advertising services the Business Finder Outdoor Digital Billboard is an extremely effective advertising tool.

With this billboard you expose potential customers to your business advertising what you offer regularly, at critical moments. Moments, such as when they are stationary in traffic giving you a captive audience like no other. The digital billboard at the Bank and Vine Street intersection allows your advertisements to be displayed a minimum of 100 times per working day. Advertisements display on the outdoor billboard for 15 second durations.

The size of the advertising space is an impressive 2.5m high x 3.5m wide. This makes a big impression and creative design can be used to effectively get your message to your potential customers. This type of space has certain specifications that work the best. To ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your billboard advertising the Business Finder team even offer a FREE design and copy writing service! We work with you to create your billboard advertising design and wording to make sure we get it right.

The duration of the package you need, will depend on your strategy as well as your goods and services.

1 Month

$ 750 +gst per month

3 Month

$ 650 +gst per month

6 Month

$ 550 +gst per month

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1 month campaign

$750 +gst per month

3 month campaign

$650 +gst per month

6 month campaign

$550 +gst per month