The Ultimate Lazer Game Adventure using the latest
hi-tech equipment.

Set in an indoor Maze (over 150 square metres) with music and special effect lighting. Players track each other using stealth, cunning strategy and skill.

 Your team objective: track down the enemy base and destroy, deactivating enemy opponents while you make your way through the maze scoring points. Guard your team mates and your base station from the opposition.
• Birthday Parties  • Team Building  
• Hens/Bucks Nights   • Any Excuse!!!
Maximum of 15 players per session. 7 years minimum age (no maximum). Suitable footwear must be worn. Dark clothing recommended.

10Pin Bowling

With a friendly atmosphere and air conditioned comfort, you can pass the time in a very relaxing, or competitive way – (depending on your family or friends!).

We have the bumpers for novices, ramps for those that need a little extra help, wheelchair access to bowling lanes and toilets, our bowling balls range from 7-16lbs and we’ll help with basic bowling, to get you started.

All this and friendly staff too!

Ideal for Birthday parties, Team building, Hens/Bucks nights or any excuse.