Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre


Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre has been successfully preparing students for careers in agriculture since 1919. Our mission is to build workforce skills in primary industries through quality education and the demonstration and dissemination of knowledge and skill. Each year, approximately 2,000 students learn with Taratahi to build and develop skills for the agricultural industry.

Using the skills and knowledge gained at Taratahi, graduates have the opportunity to move into rich and rewarding careers in the primary sector. Taratahi attracts students from all over New Zealand and around the world. Some of our students have grown up on a farm, but many of our students are from non-farming backgrounds. We make no distinction for acceptance. The main entry requirement is a passion for a successful career in agriculture. There is strong demand within the rural industry for Taratahi graduates with many finding work even before they graduate. Some of our graduates choose to continue their studies at Bachelor level at Massey or Lincoln universities, or through the Primary ITO.

We offer NZQA approved qualifications for the agricultural industry. Programmes are offered from Taratahi campuses around New Zealand, allowing students to choose learning options that suit their needs and interests within agriculture. Programmes are reviewed regularly to ensure training is relevant and meets the current needs of the primary sector. Taratahi is unique in the world of agricultural training. With access to thousands of hectares of commercial farm land (owned, leased, managed or through access arrangements), all students learn in real life farming situations from the day they arrive on campus.

Students will gain real life agricultural experience under the direction of a respected team of tutors. Our carefully selected tutors are not only passionate about teaching, they are also specialists in their area of knowledge, dedicated to farming and agriculture. Students also participate in on-farm research and extension programmes that have been an area of considerable development over the past few years. This area of operations is entrenched with models of partnership and collaboration with other like-minded organisations, without which this progress could not be achieved. When you choose to study at Taratahi you are making a solid investment in your future. You will gain critical industry knowledge while at the same time making lifelong friends and contacts. Contact us to discuss our programmes and how we can personally help you get started in your chosen career!