Maximise Ltd t/a Maximise Real Estate, is a member of REINZ (Real Estate Institute Of New Zealand),

More importantly, Maximise Limited (t/a Maximise Real Estate), is a real estate agents authority (REAA) licensed agent. REAA provides independent oversight of the industry, increases consumer protection and raises industry standards, all values to which we are committed.

Maximise Real Estate agents operate under the guidelines of the REAA at all times, and are pleased to be able to offer for your information the following guides to property transactions in New Zealand.

Why Us

We are Maximise Real Estate … Our name says it all!!

Maximise Real Estate goal is to become a national brand in itself … what better, easy to remember, domain name than …

We love assisting our clients to save $1000s selling with us … as an independent real estate company proudly operating as a non franchise low overhead model, we can offer our clients some of the lowest selling fees available!

We understand clients want an expert in the art of Marketing and Negotiating, which is the key to getting you the highest price possible. We analyze the types of people most likely to buy your property, know how to reach them, and know what their ‘must haves’ are.

While painful, there are at least four truisms all vendors must face:
1. What they paid for their property has no bearing on its value
2. The amount they need from the sale of their property has no bearing on its value
3. What they want for their property has no bearing on its value
4. What the CV is on their property, usually has little bearing on the value of their property
The value of their property is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay for it in TODAY’S market.

However, a vendor can increase the chance of a successful outcome by selecting the right real estate agent. An agent who will do all the necessary homework and faithfully represent their clients best interests. Again we emphasize the importance of having an agent that is very skilled in the strategies of Marketing and Negotiating.

At Maximise Real Estate we provide advice on market conditions, pricing, contracts, appraising, how to maximize the appeal of a property, and marketing – at all times maintaining a high level of professional service and discretion …

Then we’ll strive hard to obtain the best possible price, at the least cost, with the minimum of stress.