Commercial Cleaning

In a commercial environment, it is essential that all processes be efficient, professional and that maximum care is taken at all times.

CleanScape utilises highly effective technology to ensure all areas are cleaned comprehensively and to schedule – this not only allows our cleaners to maintain a detailed automatic log, but it also enables our clients to monitor our cleaning progress.


We wanted to offer our clients the ability to access and monitor their commercial property cleaning logs from the comfort of their home or office; and we also wanted the ability to automatically time- and date-stamp each entry. With this in mind, we implemented a system which has proven extremely popular for both our employees and our clients. The concept is simple: we create ‘scan points’ at pre-agreed areas throughout our clients’ commercial premises, and as each of these points is cleaned, the unique barcode is scanned. This information is instantly date- and time-stamped as it is recorded, and is then immediately visible to our head office and our clients (via their secure online system).

We are able to follow up on any enquiry at any time at the touch of a button – perfect for security, and perfect for quality control.


Here at CleanScape, we take security very seriously. Commercial cleaning requires a high level of security – and that extends past police checks. Our employees all sign non-disclosure documentation, which is specifically designed to protect our clients’ privacy. Our cleaning teams are fully trained, checked and certified to clean in commercially sensitive areas.


We understand the need for extra precautions within sensitive environments, ensuring all our staff receive training appropriate to the commercial space they are working within. We have extensive cleaning experience in hazardous and sensitive environments, and are able to undertake specialised cleaning requirements as needed.


We care for our planet – all of our cleaning products are chosen with care, and we recycle all of our containers and product bottles. We minimise wastewater wherever possible, and ensure that any hazardous or toxic waste is discarded appropriately.