We are born and bred Northlanders and like you all, we are die hard animal lovers. Our love doesn’t just stop at dogs and cats, our family includes exotic animals such as Chinchillas, Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongue Lizards, Leopard Geckos, Fish and Birds!

We have years of experience with a variety of critters and have seen all sorts of personalities and temperaments (both animal and human!). Through this, a passion has developed to help people provide the very best they can for their pets. Be it, a hair cut, treats, day care or a new family member all together!

Barkleys On The River aims to give all pet owners one stop shop options and friendly services that will exceed your expectations.

We hope you enjoy our pet friendly facility as much as we do and we look to seeing you (and your little pooches) soon!

Barkleys On The River Team