Starting a new business is a daunting task, but so exciting. We all know you need to be online, but with so many agencies, to which is but one, how do you decide which to go with? At we would say, start with a conversation. If a company won’t take the time to chat with you without charging, they aren’t going to be a business that really understands your needs.

We at would love to have a no-obligation conversation to determine what is best for your business. We can chat through HTTP and HTTPS, landing pages, keyword analysis, mobile optimization and so much more besides – and that is just for the website!

We know you are amazing at what you do – and we want to ensure your potential customers know that. At 1768degrees this is what we do.

As a web design Whangarei we have specialized into three fields, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, Web Design and Content Creation.

We know that it’s great to be able to go to one agency for all your needs, which is why we also offer clients of our web design and SEO services access to Social Media advertising, Google Ads and Bing Ads for free.

Website Design is the building block for your business’s digital presence. Built correctly it can be a driver for online growth and new leads, incorrectly and it is no different to printing 10,000 flyers but forgetting to deliver them. The importance of getting your web presence right cannot be highlighted enough. Website design services in Whangarei highlights some top tips for Whangarei and New Zealand businesses to ensure they start their journey on the right foot. We know the most common web design fails and ensure that we avoid these, building a site that is optimised for Google, lead generation and conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about appearing organically in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). We start with your website. If we have created your site we build it with best practices built in. From page structures to metadata and keyword research. Mobile Optimised and HTTPS is default with 1768degrees. If however another company built your site we need to get under the hood of your website and ensure that it is optimised for Google. Whilst Google isn’t the only Search Engine, it is the biggest and 97% of peoples default here in NZ.

Then we get to work. Reviewing all the content on your website, optimising the content, the page structure, the calls to actions. This is the ‘stuff you can see’. There is of course the stuff that you cannot see. Fixing technical errors, load speeds and a lot more besides.

We believe so passionately in SEO, that our site has a collection of SEO articles – including guides on how to start on the SEO Journey and further information on why SEO is so important to small businesses.

Content Creation covers article writing, social media writing, copywriting for your webpages. It is the creation and coupling of words which resonate with your customers to create meaningful relationships. For whatever medium we write for you, we help create engagement, with Google, customers and social followers. We would love to discuss with you how our content can create leaps and bounds for your online presence. Google is our number one priority.