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Indoor Digital Network

The Business Finder has an indoor digital network with sites positioned throughout Whangarei.  Our network presents your business to consumers at times when they are receptive to information.

Effectively using digital advertising is a proven way of increasing your brand awareness. Advertisements can be very eye catching or humorous. There are many effects and features that can be added to make your advertisement standout.

Your digital advertisement will feature your business a minimum of 40 times a day on each screen! Repetition is great for brand building, special promotions, vacancies, open days, events etc. You can start your advertising campaign immediately.

Clients seeing your advertisements repetitively, builds familiarity and awareness of your brand and your business. Repetitive sightings of your advertisements at different places will further cement the awareness of your business in potential customers minds.

Contact us to discuss your advertising requirements, or learn more about our combined media packages.

1 Month

$ 75 +gst per month
  • Production costs apply

3 Month

$ 65 +gst per month
  • Get FREE production on your advert

6 Month

$ 55 +gst per month
  • Get FREE production on your advert

The Business Finder indoor digital advertising network sites are selected according to certain criteria. For example, digital advertising screens are located prominently in places where people are sitting down. That allows enough time for people to see your advertising message and for your advertisements to effectively reach potential customers.

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Contact our helpful team to discuss your advertising requirements at any time.

1 month campaign

$75 +gst per month

3 month campaign

$65 +gst per month

6 month campaign

$55 +gst per month